Facilities & Features

  Good, Clean, Safe and Eco-Friendly Environment with Child-friendly and child-centered education
  Spacious and properly ventilated class rooms with Ideal student-teacher ratio.
  Revision Test - Twice in a week
  INCITE Test series for Entrance and other competitive exams
  Separate file maintenance for all the subjects.
  Qualified, trained and talented teachers
  Individual Parents Meeting
  Non-conventional and innovative techniques of teaching & Free Counseling
  Hygienic Drinking Water facility
  Feed Back Form for Parents
  Individual Child Assessment by Teacher
  Computers with Broadband Internet access for research and email free of charge.
  English learning programs with grammar, pronunciation, speaking and comprehension exercises
  Books, tapes, CDs, DVDs and reference materials including interactive dictionaries, atlases and encyclopedias.
  Educational picnic for students

Lab Facilities

We aim to establish a well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratory that presents theoretical aspects of the topic on hand in a practical way to our students.

Personality Development

  Through inspiration by exposing the child to learning experiences other than in the text books.
  Through boosting the self-confidence and instilling leadership qualities.
  By empowering the child to face the challenges and the odds with courage and fortitude.

Field trips, guest interaction, audiovisual experiences, science experiments, projects, group work and presentations are a common part of our framework. This gives the child a holistic perspective of the concept that is dealt with. So children learn by doing. This in turn develops confidence and independent thinking. Our faculties are specially trained in this unique and highly effective method of teaching. This interactive teaching they receive makes our students an exclusive group.